Multiple Sclerosis

Natural Supplements for Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a degenerative disease, of the central nervous system, including the brain, optic nerve and spinal cord. It is inflammation and scarring of the myelin sheaths in the brain and spinal cord. These are wrappings composed of a fatty substance, that insulate the nerve fibers throughout the body. Sclerosis means hardening of tissues. The body’s immune system malfunctions and produces antibodies that attack the myelin sheaths. Consequently, the sheaths are damaged and the damaged areas develop scarring that leads to either distorted or lack of communication between the nerve endings. IT IS AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

Toxins produced by bacteria and fungi in the body have been known to produce symptons like MS.

Many experts suspect that mercury poisoning is behind many cases of MS. (dental fillings which is undistinguishable) Levels of mercury in people with MS have been found to be an average of 7 times higher than in healthy people.

The most important thing to do for MS is to increase circulation and tissue oxygenation.

If there are two products on the planet, that can help assist you in fighting every disease, including MS, they are DMSO and OXYGEN (OXY E). What these two products do are effectively increase circulation, and flood your body with oxygen.

I mentioned previously that DMSO is colorless, nontoxic water soluble liquid derived from wood pulp. DMSO comes in very small molecules and has the ability to permeate the skin and cells very quickly. It is a powerful solvent of both inorganic and organic material. It’s penetrating ability is far superior to most any other substance. It comes in gel, and liquid form. When applied to your feet, it can in moments cause your breath to smell slightly garlic-like. This is because it penetrates so quickly and travels throughout the body so rapidly. DMSO also pulls in water at incredible rate. It has such a powerful attraction to water that it can even pull it out of the atmosphere. When you combine DMSO’s ability to penetrate and attract water you can see why it travels throughout the body so rapidly. It is important to know that DMSO is used throughout the world as a medical treatment for many afflictions, including arthritis, head and spinal injuries, infectious diseases, cataracts, asthma, sinusitis, diabetes, sciatica, cancer,stroke, herpes simplex, muscular dystrophy, cancer, MS and virtually all virus-type diseases and degenerative diseases. It has also been been known to inhibit bacterial growth, viruses, and fungi.

Oxy-E, cellular oxygen enhancer, is not your typical oxygen supplement. Nowadays you can find hundreds of oxygen supplements such as (hydrogen peroxide, vitamin O, or Aerobic 7). They boast that their products contain the most oxygen, which is a useless number, if the oxygen doesn’t ever make it inside the cell. All of these other products lack the ability to do what oxygen supplements were meant to do. Getting oxygen into the intestines and blood is a start, but it is no where near as beneficial as getting it inside the cells. Oxy E’s unique formula makes this interaction occur.

The inonic mineral solution with fulvic acid is part of the way Oxy E has the ability to create oxygen inside the cells. Not only does it provide the cells with oxygen, but it is also a free radical scavenger, detoxifier, and produces extra hydrogen to increase PH levels.

Oxy E is able to supply the body with a steady diet of free oxygen, hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids, and enzymes all the while cleansing cells of toxins and lactic acid. In addition it will enhance absorption of nutrients taken with it into the cells, pull toxins out of the cells, and cleanse the body’s tissues.

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