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Reduce fatigue with this heavy metal detoxifier and boosts immune system, maintain proper PH levels and boost energy with our supplement. This ALL-In-One supplement contains: Food grade humic mineral complex, fulvic acid, volcanic zeolite (clinoptilolite) and an angstrom colloid blend of 72 trace minerals, phyto-nutrients, macro-nutrients & micro-nutrients, “M-Power Water”, “Living-water”. This product also goes through several frequency enhancing processes.

General Use: For the First week, take 6 drops Once daily; After the first week, 13 drops Once daily. You would use approximately 1 bottle per month.
Moderate Use: For the First week, take 6 drops Twice daily; After the first week, 13 drops Twice daily. You would use approximately 2 bottles per month.
Maximum Use: For the First week, take 6 drops Three times daily; After the first week, 13 drops Three times daily. You would use approximately 3 bottles per month.

Shake bottle well before each use and simply add drops to 4-8 ounces of water and drink.


It is a 100% organic natural cellular zeolite delivered in a bed of humic and fulvic mineral complex. This is the NEWEST most scientific method to deliver zeolite to the cells and makes it A FREQUENCY ENHANCED CELLULAR LIQUID ZEOLITE! A proprietary, organically induced, advanced technology is used to absorb the natural cellular zeolite directly into the molecular structure of the humic mineral complex. The zeolite mineral molecule is ingested by the humic mineral complex, producing a highly stable and suspended potent bioavailable cell-penetrating supplement. It is the most potent Liquid Zeolite you can buy at the very best price. NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR SOLVENTS USED. Combining cellular zeolite with humic minerals, delivers a powerful natural chelating, pH balancing, immune supporting & remineralizing vitality supplement. Our liquid cellular zeolite comes in a laboratory-grade amber bottle with a real glass dropper. 2 Fluid oz. (60ml) Activated Liquid Zeolite
Zeolite Benefits:

  •     Frequency Enhanced Activated
  •     Remineralizes
  •     No Side-Effects
  •     100% Bioavailable
  •     May Improve Mood
  •     Boost Energy Levels
  •     Reduction in Fatigue
  •     Increases Assimilation
  •     Stimulates Metabolism
  •     Maintain Proper pH Levels
  •     100% Safe for Long-Term Use
  •     Acts as a Free-Radical Reducer
  •     Supports Immune System Function
  •     Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier Quickly
  •     Oxygenates
  •     Reduce Cancer Risk By Removing Heavy Metals/Toxins

Product Features

  •     Provides Pure Super-Concentrated Cellular Liquid Zeolite in 100% bio-available humic acid & mineral complex, enabling the zeolite to readily penetrate cell walls where it can help to repair DNA, reduce cancer risk by removing heavy metals and toxins.
  •     Provides 83 Essential Nutrients Necessary for the Body to Strengthen the Immune System
  •     Provides Nutrients Vital to the Immune System for Attacking Cancer Cells, Viruses, Pathogens, and Bacterial Infections of all Varieties
  •     Provides Amino Acid & Organic Nutrients that the Body Needs in Order to Stimulate Metabolism
  •     Provides Nutrients that the Body Needs to Quickly Assimilate Vitamins, Minerals & Other Nutrients.
  •     Contains the Most Powerful Anti-Oxidants and Free Radical Scavengers Known!
  •     A True Intracellular Nutrient-rich formula required for optimally healthy cells, anti-aging, and longevity. Contains micro- and macro-minerals that have a unique, slightly alkaline body-friendly ph of 7.4 – 8.0, created through a proprietary scientific process.
  •     Compare to Wa*ora Natural Cellular Def*nse (600 drops to 300 drops) per month. Our Pure Super-Concentrated Liquid Zeolite 2 fluid oz/60ml in a safe lab-grade amber pet bottles with genuine glass droppers.
  •     No Additives, No Harsh Chemical Reagents
  •     Label Information


Energy Booster, Immune System Enhancer, Potent Detoxifier, Overall Wellness Enhancer, Oxygenator, 100% Natural Chelator (removes heavy metals & toxins).


(100% Natural Organic), Natural Cellular Liquid Zeolite (clinoptilite), Over 70 Trace Minerals and 12 Amino Acids – 100% Organic Humic Acid Complex, Nanoized Micro-Minerals, Macro-Minerals, Phyto-Nutrients.
What Is Zeolite?

The zeolites are a group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and, rare among minerals, a negative magnetic charge. The effect of the structure and the magnetic charge is that zeolite draws heavy metals and toxins to it and simply engulfs them. The toxins “check in” and they can’t “check out.” Then the zeolite carries them safely and harmlessly out of the body through normal digestion. Because of its effect on toxins, zeolite has been used as a supplement in China for more than 800 years. In the West, it has been used by industry for various tasks, including to clear up water pollution and as a feed additive for animals. The form of zeolite in our products (there are nearly 50 naturally-occuring zeolites) is called “clinoptilolite,” and it is this type of zeolite that has been studied for its effect in human nutrition.

Liquid zeolite (Zeolite Detox) is a natural fast-acting super detoxifier. The zeolite in our products is unlike any other. It’s processed with the same proprietary, interdimensional technology that creates the high energy signature of all our products. Here are some of the other special qualities in it that you will not find elsewhere: Safe to use: It comes from the only ore supply that’s been FDA-approved as safe for consumption by humans.

In addition, it has been processed in such a way that it can NEVER withdraw necessary minerals or elements from your body — only the harmful ones. In fact, it actually helps to remineralize your cells. 100% Pure Clinoptilolite: It is composed 100% of the zeolite subgroup called “clinoptilolite”. Chemical free: Liquid zeolite is processed without chemicals. Through a natural, proprietary process, concentrated organic humic acid molecules have “naturally digested” the zeolite, holding it in permanent suspension. This supplement is chemical-free, no harsh chemicals, solvents or heat-treating methods are used in our proprietary natural holistic manufacturing process.

Maximum bioavailability: Because the humic acid in our product is in organic, interdimensional form, and because the zeolite is actually suspended in the humic molecules, 100% of the product is carried into the cells. Antiaging properties: Because it uses interdimensional humic acid to carry the zeolite to your cells, the antiaging properties of the supplement are organic humic acid. There is no substitute for organic humic acid to revitalize our cells and reverse cellular degeneration.

What makes natural intracellular liquid zeolite in humic acid better than other major brands of liquid zeolite? Many other brands use harsh chemicals and solvents or heat treatment methods to process their zeolite into a liquid form. Natural intracellular liquid zeolite utilizes the newest most advanced manufacturing process of using humic acid (a highly regarded organic medium) which enables the zeolite to penetrate cell walls.

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