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Each 16 ounce bottle contains the highest quality “beyond ionic and colloidal” silver on the market and a small amount of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to attack pathogens in the lungs in yet another way.


It is becoming all to clear that drugs are limited in effectiveness when it comes to fighting pneumonia or bronchitis. Antibiotics are usually administered as the first line of defense. But when a virus is causing the pneumonia, antibiotics won’t help you at all. To make matters worse, far too many bacteria are becoming drug resistant super bacteria that antibiotics just can’t stop. So what can you do?

All too often, the medical profession can do very little other than hope that you or your loved one will get better. If someone has a strong immune system, they may. If they don’t, well, many people die from pneumonia and bronchitis. Or spend a miserable, long and expensive time in the hospital.

Fortunately, there is a safe, effective and inexpensive natural product that will help you quickly obtain relief from pneumonia and bronchitis. It doesn’t matter whether pneumonia or bronchitis is caused by mycoplasma, super bacteria or viruses. This works on virtually any pathogen.

Let’s start out by telling you about a remarkable product that has had great success in treating pneumonia and bronchitis, a specially processed liquid molecular silver formulation with a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide, called Respiratory Support.

Silver has been used for years to fight infections. That’s because silver particles kill virtually every type of pathogen there is. Viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, parasites. You name it. Any of the pathogens that are causing your pneumonia. Even viruses or a super-bug that has mutated so that antibiotics don’t kill it. Here’s how they work.

Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Silver particles disable these enzymes, and as a result the pathogens die. An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms; silver is known to kill more than 650 illness-causing microorganisms. Pathogens cannot develop a tolerance to it, making it a remarkable product for helping in the fight against pneumonia and bronchitis.

You can take silver products internally. However, the best way to knock out pneumonia or bronchitis fast is to breathe it into the lungs. That way the silver directly attacks the germs causing the pneumonia or bronchitis that are residing in the lungs. Which is what Respiratory Support is designed to do.

It works very fast. It is not uncommon for bronchitis or pneumonia to clear up in a couple of days.

The best way to get the colloidal silver into the lungs is to use a Personal Steam Inhaler by Vicks which is a small device that takes Respiratory Support and atomizes it so that you can breathe it into the lungs. Usually, you only need to use a teaspoon about 3 times a day – 10 to 15 minutes each time. Many times just for a day or two to clear it up. Respiratory Support is so gentle on your lungs, for the most severe cases, use it 5 or 6 times a day so that you hit the pathogens hard enough that you can knock them out before they regrow.
So if it is so great, why isn’t my doctor telling me to use silver?

There are probably two reasons. First, generally the medical profession only recommends drugs. That is what they are educated in and that is what they know. Most are very skeptical of natural alternatives to medications.

Second. Not all silver products are of good quality. In fact, a majority of them are not particularly effective. And some may even turn you silver! So even doctors who are open to recommending natural products may not recommend silver because they don’t know which types are effective and which aren’t. Many alternative doctors who do know which types work best speak highly of silver’s pathogen fighting abilities.
Why we recommend Respiratory Support as the silver product to use.

The process for making the molecular silver that is used in Respiratory Support is a unique process that creates silver particles so fine they disperse through the body in a similar fashion to how a gas does. Getting into cells and killing pathogens with greater ability then ordinary colloidal or ionic silver products.

One of the worlds leading physicists, considered to be the father of electro-medicine today, Robert C. Beck, tested these three forms of silver for penetrability. He found that all forms of colloidal and Ionic silver had a 5% to 6% effectiveness for penetrating certain membranes. When he tested Molecular Silver he was astonished to see 100% penetration!

Another major distinction between this molecular silver and all others is that due to its energetic and etheric nature, it doesn’t break down. Direct sunlight does not change it’s composition even after years of exposure.

Home colloidal silver makers produce, and most of the commercial colloidal and ionic silver products on the market are, inexpensive colloidal silver that is not effective for two reasons. First off, they are mostly not actually colloidal particles. Rather they are 80 or 90% ionic silver molecules with the remaining 10 or 20% being colloidal sized silver particles.

The drawback with ionic silver as a pathogen killer is that it combines with chloride in the body and forms a silver chloride salt molecule that is not an effective pathogen killer.

And of course, neither of them get inside cell membranes nearly as well as this molecular silver does. That’s why it is used in Respiratory Support. Because it has twenty times more penetration into cell membranes than ordinary silver products do, it has silver in very small concentrations. This allows you to use Respiratory Support many times during a day when you need to get rid of a tough pneumonia or bronchial infections fast.
The Special Ingredient In Respiratory Support

What makes Respiratory Support even more effective for fighting pneumonia and bronchitis is its second ingredient, a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t try this on your own. You must have only small amounts so that it is causes no harm. And this version is so safe, you can use it many times during the day if you need to. This additional hydrogen peroxide does two things. The additional oxygen it releases in your lung is anti-pathogenic, killing all types of pathogens. Plus it puts a lot more oxygen into your lungs and thus in your body. This additional oxygen can make a difference in your energy levels and health. It is especially helpful for asthma. In fact Respiratory Support gets so much oxygen into you that you may become a little light-headed at the end of a fifteen minute session. If you do, just stop for a few minutes and then finish up.

Respiratory Support works fast. Usually in the first day or two. So one bottle supplying about 90 teaspoons will go a long way. For the best results, use a high quality personal steam inhaler. It produces a finer vaporization that gets more of the stuff into the lungs. We suggest you consider the Vicks Personal Inhaler. Use one teaspoon to one tablespoon up to six times a day until you get relief. Then reduce the amount. This is the most effective solution in conquering bronchitis and pneumonia because the pathogen killing power of the Respiratory Support will be concentrated directly in the lungs.

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